Open Inquiry

INSURGE is pioneering a new Euclidean-based journalism format called Open Inquiry, designed to rewire the way we approach information

Existing ways of dealing with information via conventional journalism formats and media structures do not work to disseminate real intelligence about the world in a way that empowers meaningful action in the world.

Open Inquiry adopts a series of basic protocols designed to overcome this impasse by directly fostering and training people with the critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence to deal with information powerfully and productively, rather than from a place of polarity.

The first component of Open Inquiry is a transdisciplinary (transcending the boundaries between multiple disciplines) investigative methodology which combines complex systems sciences with geopolitical analysis and careful cultivation of insider and industry sources. Through this methodology, we map out the complex interconnections between the world’s biggest challenges, across climate, energy, economics, food, the deep state, war, culture, psychology, ideology and spirituality.

This approach seeks to unearth the real forces, deeper trends, and systemic drivers behind major global and local events, illuminating how multiple interconnected factors lead to the headlines we see in the press. We use this approach to give every piece of content we produce a multidimensional quality that reveals the full scope of how major events are driven by systemic processes that are often ill understood.

The second component of Open Inquiry is a set of protocols designed to generate in every article three sets of information:

  • Axioms
  • Insights
  • Actions

Axioms constitute ground-base assumptions that logically underpin arguments, narratives or reporting in any article or media production. INSURGE tags ‘Axioms’ within articles to surfaces these assumptions. ‘Axioms’ consist of verifiable data-points, that are either empirically-validated, incontestable or factually irrefutable. Disagreement among contributors about ‘Axioms’ is welcome, but it is important for them to be surfaced. By highlighting ‘Axioms’, writers and readers can identify the core data-points that underpin their reporting and analysis. This helps create a more generative approach to dealing with different and contradictory perspectives.

Insights are surfaced from ‘Axioms’ through processes of deduction, inference and other analytical processes. ‘Insights’ consist of new information about the world that illuminates reality in a way that previously may not have been clear. These are often best derived by using ‘Axioms’ to explore different scenarios and how they could play out in the world given different parameters and assumptions. We tag ‘Insights’ in our articles to highlight this new information.

Actions consist of the different ways in which the ‘Insights’ that emerge suggest how different stakeholders – people, communities, countries, governments, policy-makers, non-profits, activists, or any other constituents – can act in the world in response to such Insights.

The INSURGE platform enables Axioms, Insights and Actions to be tagged and surfaced in every piece of content.

Those tags, which remain connected to their articles and interconnected across the platform to other relevant/related Axioms, Insights and Actions, are collected and displayed on the INSURGE platform in their own landing pages. The result represents a growing body of public intelligence and action points on the world’s most pressing challenges, their local impacts, potential scenarios, and real world solutions.