Politically, we can seek to overcome polarity and build coalitions
Politically, we can seek to overcome polarity and build unifying coalitions between multiple civil society groups, ethnic and religious communities. These coalitions should serve as incubators for the cross-fertilization of ideas, strategies and actions not just for ‘resistance’, but for the co-design and co-creation of new social institutions in service to people and planet.This also requires the disruption of the political party system from inside and outside. While on the one hand that could mean innovating new parties, and new platforms, to break the stranglehold of a dysfunctional two-party system, it could also mean efforts from within the Democrat and Republican establishments to re-design themselves for the 21st century. Their failure to do so would not only render them increasingly irrelevant to the next generation, and the converging systemic challenges of the 21st century, it would permit the volatility, divisiveness and subservience to unaccountable vested interests of conventional establishment politics to fester with devastating consequences.