INSURGE (beta) is a public intelligence platform and action network for people and planet. We integrate groundbreaking investigative journalism with curated conversations for possibility, designed to facilitate real world action for local, national and global change.

We investigate power to empower people and save the planet. Our journalism is publicly-accountable, holistic in its scope, fearless in its integrity, rigorous in its research, and driven by the values of compassion, truth, and justice.

We chase and break the stories that no one wants to cover, and shine a light on the cracks between the headlines.

We don’t follow the news cycle: we are transforming the news cycle.


  • Editorial Curation
  • Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
  • Andrew Markell
  • Conversation Curation
  • John Kellden
  • Journalism network
  • John PIlger
  • Lance Weiler
  • Jonathan Cook
  • Abby Martin
  • Stephen Leahy
  • Mathieu Roy

From Beta to Beyond

The INSURGE beta is being launched as a prototype demonstration of a first iteration how we are applying a transformative approach to information that can facilitate moving from powerful investigative journalism into facilitating positive real-world actions to build meaningful solutions.

In coming iterations, our platform will test and refine this approach, while building it out in application to the facilitation of generative conversations, cultivation of conversations for action, and moving those conversations into the curation of communities that follow up with real-world action.