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The primary job of a journalist is to put forward apt and the right information to the general public with extensive research, editing, writing, proofreading, of stories, articles, news and features. These pieces of data can be used to telecast on the television, on print media, and other online resources.
Eligibility Criteria & Skill
An undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the relative field.
Personal Attributes
A festive spirit and attitude to reach the information to the public.
Educational Qualification
An undergraduate degree in mass media and communication.
Journalism As A Career

Today, Journalism stands out as a prestigious career option and an excellent path for the future, which also demands the candidates and professionals to overcome hurdles and challenges in the field. The core purpose of the profession is to inform and educate the masses regarding various issues and topics

Career Options with the Print Media

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A person who reports the breaking news and other life happenings in a given area.

Feature Writer

A person who publishes his/her writings in print media and online channels.

Photo Journalist

A journalist captures photographic images significant situations day curate

Electronic Media
Journalism Career Options with the Electronic Media

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What is the Role of Investigative Journalism?


Scandals and scams are part of every country, and it remains in the shadows until the news is broken for the public to find out. But none of this would be possible without great talent and grit in the nation. Most of this courage emerges from the hearts of journalists who plan on taking down all the evil tentacles that have a grasp over the world. Therefore, every country needs responsible citizens and journalists to direct the government and every other person in power towards the light. Though cleansing may not have happened over the decades solely through the actions of journalists, the world has changed for good. It is the role of investigative journalism in this globe of occurrences that sparked up the blazing fire of transformation.

Using circuitous ways to express the emotions and rights of people tersely is the charm every journalist has possessed. Several stories have been dug out to be brought into the light, but not many journalists have succeeded in infusing a sense of justice. However, there have been certain legends who have played their role well to investigate the various fields ranging from politics to cinema. Let us look at the duties of every investigative journalist.

Journalism Fundamentals

The Various Tools

Investigative journalists have had to use various tools to make things work on the stories they have been trying to publish as the scoop for many other rivals to feed on for the longest time. Some of the tools most investigative journalists use on stories are:

  • Document analysis includes checking through legal documents, regulatory reports, corporal financial filings, government reports, tax records, and lawsuits.
  • Study social issues.
  • Investigation of the legal and technical issues involved in the government.
  • Interviews
  • Federal or State Acts to gather all the necessary information from the documents and agencies.


Every investigative journalist is under the obligation of reporting the truth through every story. Besides this most fundamental responsibility all journalists have to fulfill, investigative journalists have a few other exclusive duties, such as:


  • Watching everything that goes on around them to expose hypocrisy and crimes.
  • Calling the authorities and powerful to account, and as a result, expose all forms of corruption. All democracies must practice this in order to bring all the crimes to the public eye.
  • Anyone violating the law mustn’t be allowed to wallow in the dark. Investigative journalism should aim particularly on such people who focus on finding shortcuts to success.
  • The whole concept of this type of journalism is to uproot every story to reveal all details that were kept hidden from the public.
  • Biased reports are the last thing any investigative report must make since it is their duty to show every fact in all its precision.
  • Potential abuses of power should also be an area of focus for these journalists to positively impact those innocent lives that have been affected by the wrong person in power.